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Amusement Park

Discover here the amusement parks in Romagna

parco divertimenti

In Rimini there is something for everyone: The Park Fiabilandiawhere children of all ages can enjoy attractions related to the world of fairy tales, games and shows.Then head to Mini Italy where both adults and children can have fun learning about the cities of our Country. Also in this park there are games and shows that are open until late evening during the summer.

If you prefer to stay “cool” try the Aquafan waterpark slides, you will not regret it! Would you like to be a dolphin trainer for a day or see the seahorses up close? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience moments of the Big Bang, the creation of the Earth?

Inquisitive visitors will love Oltremare Park where they can learn so much about the Planet Earth, the oceans, etc. while having a lot of fun.

parco divertimenti1

If instead you are daring, or love the aquatic fauna, the right attraction for you is the Aquarium in the city Cattolica where you can swim with the sharks or visit the tanks with fish from all over the world.

Last, but not least, the park of Mirabilandia: a park full of attractions that take your breath away, but also allow you to spend a day with the family satisfying both adults and children.